Giveaway! Commissions Free for 1 Month

Participate in a giveaway for a one month cashback of Airtm's fixed commissions on all your trades.  

How can you participate?

  • To participate, the user must have a verified Airtm account.

  • Have accepted the invitation to join the promotion. This can be received via email or through a banner that will appear on your screen when you log in to your Airtm account.

  • Make transactions of $25 AirUSD or more.

  • Such withdrawals must occur within the following period: November 14 to November 30, 2022.

  • The benefit will apply to transactions made from November 1 through November 30, 2022.

How will the winners be announced?

  • If you are a winner, the fixed Airtm commission that was charged on your transactions will be returned to you in the form of cashback within 24-48 hrs after the campaign closes.

  • Airtm will automatically credit the amount in AirUSD. We will not send you emails asking you for any data or any additional steps.

Will other rules apply to the giveaway?

  • The promotion is void where prohibited by local law.

  • By participating in the promotion, the winner agrees that we will disclose his/her ticket code and if necessary his/her full name and/or user on our networks to announce the winners.

  • We reserve the right to disqualify any participant we suspect of violating these rules or engaging in fraudulent transactions.

  • The promotion applies to individual accounts and only for requests to add funds or withdrawals as a customer.

Terms and Conditions of: Giveaway! Commissions Free for 1 Month 

  1. ORGANIZER: These terms and conditions (the "Rules") govern the promotion "Giveaway Promo for Traders, Gamer and Taskers" (the "Promotion") and is organized by Airtm Inc. ("Airtm" or "the Organizer", interchangeably), located at 8 The Green, STE A, Dover, DE 19901, USA.

  1. ACCEPTANCE OF RULES: Participants in the Promotion, by their sole participation, declare that they are aware of and accept each and every one of the terms described in these Rules. Such terms may be modified by the Organizer, without altering the essence of the Promotion or affecting the rights acquired by the participants. Such modifications will be published in the same media as these Bases, without altering the acceptance previously given by the participant.

  1. SCOPE AND VALIDITY: The Promotion is valid for all Airtm users who comply with these Rules. Its validity begins on November 11 at 00:01 am and ends on November 30, 2022 at 7:59 pm Argentina.

  1. PARTICIPATION: All individuals who are Airtm users and meet the following conditions are eligible to participate in the Promotion:

    1. To participate, each person must register with Airtm or already be registered as a user ("User") prior to the end of the Promotion;

    2. Have their Airtm account active, this means having completed the verification process; 

    3. Have made at least 1 transaction equal to or greater than $25 AirUSD through any of the payment methods available on Airtm.

    4. Excepted transactions to participate: SEND, PAYMENTS, SEND REQUEST.

    5. The user must click on the promotion invitation button to participate. It will be displayed via email or popup within the platform.

    6. Persons who register as users, after the expiration date, will not participate in the Promotion.

  1. BENEFIT: The Benefit will consist in the reimbursement or "cashback" of Airtm's fixed commission on all transactions made between November 1 and 30, 2022. The cashback will be made in AirUSD with a maximum cumulative cap of 500 AirUSD (the "Benefit").Payment of the cashback will be made within 24 hours after the transaction has been made. The Benefit cannot be redeemed for any other goods or any other benefits other than those provided for in these Terms and Conditions. All costs arising from the participation or from obtaining or assigning and withdrawing the Benefit, as well as any tax, fee, contribution, tariff or sum of money currently payable due to the participation in the Promotion or that may be imposed in the future on the Benefit, as well as the expenses, without limitation, of transportation and stay incurred when claiming, withdrawing or using the Benefit, as well as any other, shall be at the exclusive charge of the User.

  1. LIABILITY: The Organizer shall not be liable for any claims of any kind made by third parties claiming any rights of any nature whatsoever in connection with this Promotion. 

  1. AUTHORIZATION: Participants of this campaign expressly authorize the Organizer to collect and process personal data in accordance with the applicable rules. 

  1. ORGANIZER. AUTHORIZATION. The Organizer, without any burden, obligation and/or liability whatsoever, may: a) modify these Terms and Conditions by simply publishing the new instrument on the website www.airtm. io to consider the potential participants and the participants as notified, b) request the revalidation or rectification of the registrations, c) cancel or suspend this Promotion, d) extend each of the terms and dates set before the end of the registration period provided for in these Rules, e) modify the date of delivery of the Benefit or execution of the same, which may not exceed twelve (12) months, f) request the participants at any time before the end of the Promotion, to verify their data and/or corroborate and/or rectify them, as well as ratify their participation.

  1. JURISDICTION: For any dispute arising out of this campaign and/or Rules, the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts, as applicable, of the State of Indiana, Vigo County, United States of America shall govern. The Organizer and potential entrants and participants consent to the jurisdiction of such courts and waive any objection to such jurisdiction.

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