New user: Earn

Only for users who signed up between August 11 and August 18 2020.

If you indicated upon signup you are a using Airtm to earn money, this promotion applies to you.

New user bonuses

*Promotion lasts until 30 days after you signed up. 
*Payments made each weekday by 6pm CST.

Invite new users

  1. Select Invite in the left menu, then share your invite link with family, friends and followers to earn dollars when they complete transactions.
  2. Upon your invite completing {{parameter ['invite_txn_goal']}} add funds as a verified user, you will earn{{Parameter "inviter_reward"}} and your invite will receive {{parameter['invitee_reward']}}.
  3. For each following transaction your invite completes, we will give you a percentage of the revenue. See invite program details detail.

Receive payouts from online freelance platforms

Earn funds in one of our payout partners by completing tasks, then transfer to your Airtm balance. See full list of payout partners. See full list of payout partners.

Accept add/withdraw requests

  1. Select Peer transfers in the left menu, then accept add and withdraw requests from other users and earn a commission on each exchange of funds between dollars in Airtm and local currency.
  2. To access accept permissions for payment methods, we require users to be verified and have a history of completing transactions while maintaining a high star rating.
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