Why was my purchase declined?

  1. This card is not permitted to be used for gambling or adult content. All purchases of this type will be declined. 
  2. All transactions are subject to a risk assessment by the bank. For example, crypto transactions and deposits to financial services and e-wallets (i.e. IQ Option, Korsit, Neteller, Paypal, Remitly, Skrill, Transferwise, Venmo, WorldRemit) are considered higher risk so you may be declined for these types of purchases.
  3. This is a prepaid (non-reloadable) card, so some merchants will reject it for this reason. This often happens for cases like Facebook and Instagram ads, Digital Ocean and other companies that do not collect until after the service (for example, for advertising).
  4. Sometimes merchants pre-authorize your card for a higher value than the purchase, so if you only put the amount of your purchase on the card, the prior authorization will fail. This often occurs with businesses like hotels, car rental companies, and other companies that don't charge until after the service.
  5. Some merchants will reject your purchase if your billing address does not match your account address or IP address.

If you are a verified user and want to return your card funds to your AirUSD balance, see this FAQ.

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