Reasons why your card could have been rejected

  1. This is a prepaid (non-reloadable) card, so some merchants will reject it for this reason. This often happens for cases like Facebook ads, Digital Ocean and other companies that do not collect until after the service (for example, for advertising).
  2. Sometimes merchants pre-authorize your card for a higher value than the purchase, so if you only put the amount of your purchase on the card, the prior authorization will fail. This often occurs with businesses like hotels, car rental companies, and other companies that don't charge until after service.
  3. There are certain categories of businesses that banks find high risk, so the bank blocks the purchase. For example, our issuing bank currently blocks most purchases from cryptocurrency websites.
  4. Some merchants will reject your purchase if your billing address does not match your account address or IP address.

If payment for the item you needed to purchase was declined and you no longer have the exact amount you need on your card, find out how to get the most out of it here.

If the business notifies that it will return the funds to your card, even if it is for a single use, you can make subsequent purchases with your card. (If it is for single use, you must consume the entire balance in one purchase)

For transactions that are pending while the business investigates if your payment method meets its requirements, the transaction will have a status of "Pending". If the business decides to return the funds to your balance, the transaction will be marked with the status "Canceled".

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