How do I receive the operation requests of the people that I invited to Airtm?

Use your referral link to invite your followers and clients to Airtm and be the one who accepts their adds and withdrawals.

How does it work?

Once your invited member creates an account with your referral link or indicates that you invited them to Airtm during their account creation process, you can accept their operation requests.

From now on, if you are logged in, Airtm will only show you, for the first 2 minutes, the requests created by your referral. This way, you can be the one to attend to them. If the request is not accepted within those first 2 minutes, it will be sent to the Airtm network to be accepted by others. In order for you to recognize the application on your board, your referral's application will be highlighted in green. Note that this applies to all future and previous invitations :)

By receiving your referral' s requests before other users, you have the opportunity to generate even more earnings by completing their transactions yourself. The more referral you have, the more transactions you will have with preference.

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