I have money left over on my virtual card. Can I get it back?

Multi-use card for unverified users:

Your card funds cannot be returned to your AirUSD balance, however, if you haven't made a purchase yet, to access these funds we recommend:

  • Buy a gift card on Amazon and complete a funding to your Airtm balance.
  • Add funds to your Amazon account ($0.50 minimum) and make the purchase you prefer.

Multi-use card for verified users:

To return your card funds to your AirUSD balance, click on the "Virtual Cards" tab in the left-side menu, then click on the "-" button on the virtual card that you wish to unload.

Please note:

  • $2.75 will be taken from your balance to cover the unload fee.
  • You can only unload your card if you have a balance more than $2.75.
  • You can reload a card that has been unloaded.

Single-use card for verified users:

On the Tuesday that is at least 2 weeks after your card was purchased, any remaining balance >$1 USD will be sent back to your Airtm account (regardless of whether you made a purchase, had a decline, or had a refund).

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