I want to make an Add/Withdraw request but I do not see the option I'm looking for. What I can do?

The payment methods that we currently manage can be found in the payment method catalog shown when selecting Add/Withdraw > More payment methods.

If a payment method does not appear in the list displayed, please contact support@airtm.com for us to include the payment method.

We also allow you to select an "Other" payment method specific to each category. Other payment methods use generic rates (which can be customized in the Add/Withdraw flow > Show fee details > Select custom rate.

Other payment method recommended commissions: You can manually select the commission you offer for your transaction; consider that the higher the value of the percentage you assign in the commission box, the greater the probability of acceptance and speed in the processing of your application. If the percentage is very low, you can increase the waiting time.

Add funds:
- Cash: 7%
- E-wallet: 10-23%
- Gift card: 14%
- Mobile: 6%

Withdrawal funds:
- Cash: 2%
- E-wallet: 3%
- Gift card: 1%
- Mobile: 5%

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