How do I open an account on Airtm?

To create an account on Airtm follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Join" button on our home page (
  2. Select your country and whether the account is for an individual or a business.
  3. Sign up with Facebook, Google or enter your information directly (legal name, email and password). If you choose to sign up with Facebook or Google, you'll need to authorize Airtm to access your name and email.
  4. You will then be logged in to Airtm and can explore our payment methods and rates.

**To make transactions, you will need to verify your email and provide your address, phone number and date of birth.

Opening an Airtm account is completely free, there are no fees to open an account or to save money on the platform; fees only apply when you move funds to and from your Airtm balance to Adds / Withdrawals.

We require a minimum age of 18 to create an account.

Note: Due to our anti-money laundering policies, your Airtm account email must match the emails used when setting up external payment methods for adds and withdrawals. If you have multiple, you should add a secondary email to your external payment method account to match your Airtm account email.

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