Account Limited

I've already confirmed my ID, I've already sent all my company documents (social contract, etc.) and I'm still limited to using my account...

Funny, that to receive money, this normal, but when I send money it, it says I can't because it's limited, I've already sent an email to support and got no answers.

I need to start my business on AirTM, it seems to be a great platform, but from the beginning it started to give me problems

  • Hi Will if your AirTM account is limited, it may be because of the following:

    is your account verified?

    1.- if it is NOT, proceed to perform your verification process by following the instructions placed here:

    2.- If it is already verified... Proceed to perform an advanced verification by following the instructions presented in settings and then in verification, specifically in the blue box that will appear there.




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