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I want to create new account because I can't verify this one

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  • Hi Morgan Priscilla (pay attention to the instructions and tips explained below so that you can perform the verification process and have a successful result)...... if your verification was unsuccessful, the key is in the details...... you must perform the process again manually, by creating a support ticket, either in the help menu of AirTM in the "contact us" section or through the address (more recommended): you only have to fill in the corresponding information, attach the documentation requested in the verification and remember to always keep in mind the suggestions mentioned below for your verification to be successful:

    Generally, Airtm's platform does not allow verification of a partner's account because of blurred legal identity documents. The platform detects that these are documents that are not easily recognizable. Therefore, here's what you should do:

    Take your preferred identity document with you: ID card, Driver's License or Passport and place it on top of a small platform, with a stable background (light colors such as: white or ivory).

    Verify that the frame of your photo to capture the image of the ID card fits perfectly with the edges of the card.

    Try to fix it to the platform with some transparent adhesive tape, so that your fingers do not block any edge of the document when taking the photo.

    Save the photo as a JPG or PDF document, with a medium resolution.

    If you chose to send the Passport document for verification, make sure that the ID number on the top right-hand edge reads perfectly; as well as the expiration date and your date of birth.

    When you upload the document on the AirTM platform, check the speed of broadband internet connectivity for that moment. It is possible that the connection is faulty and the platform cannot upload the document correctly, even if you receive a confirmation message.

    Do not send a different document than the one you chose at the beginning of the process. If you selected the Driver's License, you must close the process with that perfectly readable document.

    If you sent the document correctly, but the platform did not allow verification

    Remember that the documentation must be separate and that the photos taken must be readable at close range without distortion and straight, not upside down mirror-like (following the letter without omitting any detail below).

    IMPORTANT: Just remember that for your verification to be successful you must follow the following tips to the letter: - Do not include digital screens in the photo (it is a photo, do not scan) - Do not include other faces in the photo - Do not digitally manipulate the photo (i.e. do not use filters or programs that modify its nature, if it is blurred or dark, or moved etc., retake the photo, and remember each image separately)....ademas reminds you that if you have problems with your ID, make sure you have met the following requirements: - Color image (no gray scale) - Clear image (you must take the photo with good lighting, it must not be moved, it must be very clear) - All the legible text (well defined, the photo must not be distorted when you zoom in, it may be understood by you but if it looks blurry it will be rejected, that is, it must be 100% clear on both sides) - Image without reflections (select a very bright place to avoid the reflection of your camera's flash, the light should look natural "not illuminated with editing techniques) - Full image of the ID document (no cuts on the edges) - The document should be in good condition and updated (not expired, not deteriorated) - Do not digitally manipulate the image or photos taken (no photoshop or digital manipulation of any kind, should be a natural photo that looks clear and sharp without manipulation) . ..... Failure to comply with the letter of any of these requirements, no matter how minimal, results in "unsuccessful" verification

    If your ID is deteriorated, you can renew its status by laminating it...

    How long does it take to verify my AirTM account?

    In regular times it may take one day, but due to the volume of cases at this time, the time is variable. The quality and clarity of the photos helps in the speed of the process.

    In the URL do not put anything for the verifier...just attach files where it says +
















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