P2P transfer scam

I submitted a fund account request and your system found peer eulalia1534d5a8 to make the transaction. I FOLLOWED ALL YOUR INSTRUCTIONS and the peer did not confirm my funds transfer therefore I never received the air dollars. I am extremely pissed off because you are supposed to have the accounts verified and I wonder how the hell do you allow this people here?. Now I write to your support and I only get stupid general answered so maybe here you'll pay attention. I want my money how the hell will I get it back?
  • Hi Enmanuel Garcia you must send a "single" ticket to AirTM through: https://help.airtm.com/en/support/tickets/new there you fill in the fields corresponding to your case and explain in an extended and detailed way the event in question, that is, you expose the chain of facts and / or events in a sequential and specific way, attaching captures of the operation you performed, everything related to the operation you present problem. ...so that the support agent that takes your case understands it unequivocally and can guide you in your case.... However, remember the following AirTM guideline: Never complete a withdrawal if you have not yet received the money in the account to which you requested it. By completing the withdrawal, you authorize us to release to your partner's account, the AirUSD that we hold in escrow and this action cannot be reversed....

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