I can't find a peer to withdraw my money


I'm from Egypt ,i tried withdraw using may bank account ,orange cash and vodafone cash

i can't find a peer

kindly advise

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  • Hey I can't find a peer and therefore I can't withdraw...kindly help

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  • Hi! It used to work well and now it doesn't find me a peer.. weird. Help??

  • Hace 4 dias que intento fondear con Payoneer y nadie toma la operacion. Tampoco se me informa cual es el problema. CReo que es hora de dejar de usar AirTM

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  • Me pasa exactamente lo mismo, hace días que nadie me toma la operación en Payoneer. No puedo fondearme hace dos días por ahora. ¿Alguien sabe si hay algún problema?

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  • hace 10 dias que trato de fondear con payooner. Uso la aplicacion hace 2 años y jamas vivi esto, es mi manera de cobrar trabajos del exterior y francamente se me complica la vida ahora. No pido soluciones, pero alguna palabra sobre la causa de esto al menos?

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  • I am a timbucks user and chose airtm as my payment method but for The past two weeks tumebucks has been do awful that i cannot send you but earning. Please i would like to know what the problème and how to solve it
  • am texting this message from Dubai i  was trying to  sell my money but i couldn't withdraw i can even verified my account 

  • Hello, i can't find the peer please help me
  • HI, normally finding a peer took 10 mins. Today i'm waiting 10h and nothing. 

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  • I was mistakenly pressurized to withdraw the money. Due to which my $5.5 went to him but he did not pay me. Please help me..
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