Your wallet is not verified.

I am having trouble verifying my ID. This is my ID and birth certificate, and I hope that is sufficient proof of transportation.

  • Hi kerolos yousef the system automatically rejects documents and selfies, if the following precautions are not met: If you have problems with the facial verification, make sure you meet the following requirements: - Do not include digital screens in the photo - Do not include other faces in the photo - Do not digitally manipulate the photo If you have problems with your ID, please make sure you have met the following requirements: - Color image - Clear image - All text legible - Image without reflections - Full image of the ID document - The document must be in good condition and updated - Do not digitally manipulate the image. After reviewing and complying with the requirements and making sure you comply with them 100%, proceed to send a ticket to support, with all the information attached to its verification, access the help button of your AirTM account and locate the option "contact us". Ali will create a ticket to support stating that you had problems with your verification and attach the necessary information and documents that were asked before, that if you follow the recommendations above ... You can also take into account the tips presented here:

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