how to get support??

Dear admin

I have a confirmed transaction (Direct Add ETH Crypto) which is not added on my account, and I submit a support ticket but nobody is answering!!

How to get support?? How to get my money back? 

Please help 

Best Regards

  • Greetings jihan islam if you already wrote to support through the following address: exposing in a "unique" ticket all the details concerning your case, ie, operation number, screenshots as attachments, which attest to what happened, in the operation, all explained in detail, just wait for a support agent to contact you via mail, this will attend your case

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  • Dear Admin

    Thanks for your quick response, I am still waiting for the support team to resolve my case.


  • Dear admin Would you please check the report status or take necessary steps to let me know if I can make next transfer and when will my problem resolved. best regards
  • Hello Mr jihan islam you can create a ticket to the following address: there you can explain in a detailed way the case, and expose in a precise way the number of operation that you did, attach screenshots, that give faith of your case, this with the purpose that an agent of support gives you the required information... this type of cases are attended with support... so if a time passed and they don't respond you (5 working days) then you should already go again to support and raise the case...

  • Dear admin Thank you so much for very usefull information, I did the procedure you told above as per support asked me yesterday and waiting for supports reply. I am concerned about doing next transaction if I might get into same problem and got my money stuck. That is why I did not raise a new ticket(I believe several tickets can be confusing to track) and replied previous mail I got from support. Thanks again for your quick response. Regards.
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