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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to add funds to my Airtm account via Moneygram. Indeed, I ask because I see in the "add" option several methods including Moneygram. If this is how to do it? I live in Senegal which I think is one of the countries where it is possible to do operations with Airtm. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Hello Aboubacar Kouyaté You can do it just by adding the payment method to your account by following the instructions below:

    1.- Access your AirTM account

    2.- Once in the board go to the settings option and click

    3.-Click on payment methods

    4.-Choose the payment method you want to add (in your case it will be electronic wallet)

    5.-You select the wallet (in your case it is Moneygram)

    Add the information corresponding to your Moneygarm account (which must be personal and have the same wql email address as your AirTM account)

    7 .- And ready you have configured the method of payment either to anchor or withdraw ...

  • Thank you for being so diligent in answering the question that concerned me. Your answer is clear and well detailed.

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  • bom dia , não conseguir da clica de depositar .. problema: 


  • Saudações FABIANO FAGO tenta fazer o depósito mais tarde, se o problema persistir, escreva para o suporte através do seguinte endereço: aí você comenta de forma explícita o que aconteceu, pois você o expõe aqui com capturas e tudo isso para que um agente de suporte lhe dê assistência...

  • Buenas noches. Quisiera saber si es posible recibir transferencias desde Bank of America vía Zelle

    Y si esta transacción genera alguna comisión.

    Espero puedan apoyarme..


  • Saludos Leysi Silva Aguilera si usted tiene cuenta personal en ZELLE asociado a Bank of America, solo agréguelo como método de pagos, en su cuenta personal de AIrTM, de esta manera puede realizar operaciones de fondeo y retiros, dentro de la plataforma...para mas información de como funciona el sistema P2P de AirTM puede visitar el cana oficial de Youtube para entender las funcionalidades de esta plataforma: tambien puede pasar por el siguiente direccion oficial:

  • Saludos Leysi Silva Aguilera si usted tiene cuenta Zelle Personal asociada al Bank of America puede agregar esta como método de pagos en su cuenta esta manera puede hacer fondeos y retiros...recuerde que AirTM es un servicio P2P el cual funciona como monedero electrónico...en efecto se cobra comisión en fondeos y retiro ya que es un desea conocera mas sobre AirTm ca le dejo información de interés

  •                 I Requested to you that 

            Please transfer money airtm to bank account


                                                     Thanking you

  • please i'm new to this platform though have executed some stages of verification but i

    got a feedback asking me to resubmit the documents with stated protocols. But i later find it difficult resubmiting but i was giving a limit of $1000 which i later tried depositing money to my account but still not possible saying "I'm not permitted to move money within, into or out of airtm account". I need help on what to do next

  • Hello IBRAHIM ABDULLAHI To move big amounts you must have a double verification, if you are not restricted to move big operations, you will only be able to move smaller operations, therefore you must do the second level verification, as commented in support

  • @GUILLO..... The issue there is it kept on saying my account verification followed by this comment 

    "Your identity was unable to be verified, please check your email for responses from our verifications team and wait for instructions. You are currently limited to $1,000 USD-equivalent in aggregate send/withdraw volume." so when i proceeded to add about $100 i re cieved another error message saying "i can transfer within, into or out of my airtm account"

  • One question, are you already an AirTM? verified customer? that is, have you already gone through the process of verifying your account by following the steps shown here:

  • I sent myself some BTC to my wallet and they have not been added. What can I do?

  • Hi Lucecita Sierra you must submit your cases to AirTM support through a SINGLE ticket well documented and explained through : there they explain your case step by step... exposing the chain of facts to details... expose captures where you can see the operation performed, the capture with the transaction ID, as well as the capture of the operation performed by the financial institution used for the funding where the transaction ID can be seen.... in this way you expose all your case in detail so that there will be an investigation.... all the above is crucial, so that the support agent who takes your case understands it unequivocally and can guide you in resolving it....

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