I lost access to my gmail account hence I Cannot log into my Airtm account

I am still new and a few weeks into my Airtm experience, I cannot receive payments already made to my Airtm account. A verification code is being sent to an e-mail address I no longer have access too and four days after posting my query , I am still in the dark. How long does it take for issues to be resolved?

  • Friend fixes your Gmail access issue...since this is an account security issue...please contact the Gmail team, so that you can regain access to your Gmail account...

  • Please I'm trying to log in into my account but I can't log in due ton ip address issue
  • Hello Takudzwa Shylock this situation happens when there is an access through another network or another browser, it is important that you perform this verification if you see the need to change Internet access, device, or browser this in order to contact that you are the user who accesses and not someone else, I recommend that the same browser that tries to access AIrTM is the same one that accesses the mail in this way will be easier, take your time and try again. ...sometimes it happens when I access from another pc or wifi but, at the end I confirm through the mail...I recommend you to try from a faster network, that is from a desktop pc with high speed internet

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  • Thank you but help me to log in that transaction I want to do is affecting my business
  • This forum is not support, for support you must create a ticket to support, with all the information attached to your case access the help button of your AirTM account and locate the option "contact us", you can also create the ticket at: https://help.airtm.com/en/support/tickets/new there you create a "unique" ticket directed to support exposing in detail, your inconvenience, place the screenshot, establishing a series of events, so that the support agent understands your case correctly, attaching the necessary information to explain your case. ..nevertheless, if it is a punctual problem of your IP, or access to Internet, it is already a punctual situation, that will not be treated by that route, you should try to carry out your operation from your habitual device, or from an access to Internet more stable, in order that it arrives to your personal mail, the confirmation, remember is a safety measure that should be fulfilled...

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