Didn't get money from peer

Hi sir Recently I do a transaction via AirTm. I like to transfer 5.86 $ into my account via peer that the guy name was DARSHAN J. Transaction was completed but amount didn't deposit. Please enquiry on it, and transfer my requested amount. My transaction I'd was D8F1TZ4F3AEY91EA. Thank You. What can I do?
  • Greetings colleague dilja7714 this type of requirements is attended by means of the creation of a unique ticket directed to support by means of the following address: https://help.airtm.com/en/support/tickets/new there writes his case in detail, and includes any relevant information to the case, included screenshots, for a better comprehension of the situation that exposes. A support agent will then contact you by email, in order to manage your case...

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