Join the Airtm team as a support expert!

Agents are the backbone of a customer support team. Job descriptions can be as many as product options and service channels they handle. The important thing is that they are there, interacting with customers and prospects, representing the company to the outside world.

What do they do?

Support agents do many tasks. Among them are the following:

Receive and manage customer requests, questions, suggestions and complaints in a variety of support channels.

Identify potential product sales opportunities and partnerships to channel to the Business Development (BD) team.

Follow up on customer expectations and product improvement opportunities.

Build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between customers and the brand.

What we look for

A valuable customer service agent will demonstrate the following qualities:


When addressing a difficult issue or dealing with an upset customer, remaining calm is critical to concluding a conversation with a good satisfaction rating. Remaining calm will reassure even the most agitated customer. Patience is also very important when handling repetitive customer service issues.


Prioritizing and differentiating between unimportant and urgent tasks is necessary for the success and productivity of an agent. Agents must know how to maximize their own productivity.


Empathy makes the difference between tolerable customer support and a truly positive experience. Agents need the emotional intelligence and natural inclination for empathy to read between the lines and understand what the customer is expressing and what his words mean.

A good communicator

Communication goes both ways. Agents must be able to convey their point of view in a direct and easy to understand way for each client. They must also be able to use each support channel with ease. Alternative support channels, such as social media, are more important than ever and should not be neglected.


Customer service tends to throw curve balls. A good agent will follow the rules, but will know when to go off script to meet the needs of the customers.


No matter the outcome of an interaction, an agent must always be positive for the sake of the customer's overall impression.

How it is done

Know your product. No matter how skilled you are, an agent cannot provide the quality of support that customers need if they do not have a solid knowledge of the product and its uses.

Know your processes. Customer support agents may be asked to work in a variety of channels. The method of customer interaction must be clear and consistent across those channels.

Teach. Agents must establish a connection with the customer and involve them in the support process. In this way, the customer really understands and adopts the product, and may avoid another problem in the future.

You must be willing to learn. Working in customer support always means learning more and improving. The product will evolve, and so will customer expectations. Success does not stand still.

Make an extra effort. Taking extra steps to delight a customer will leave a lasting positive impression of the quality of your service and your brand image.

To be a part of the Airtm support team, it is important that you have the following

- Values: Honesty, responsibility, unity, respect

- Native Spanish language, advanced English.

- Use of Airtm: at least 100 transactions completed.

- Have a computer and internet connection.

- Excellent spelling and writing.

- Advanced use of spreadsheets and shared documents.

- Experience in customer service systems (zendesk, intercom, freshdesk, etc).

- Ability to learn and retain information.

- Full time availability.

Currently the CommOps area is made up of five subareas: 

Initial Support

They answer questions from new users about the different processes and functionalities within the platform. They support the tech team with correct and timely bug reports. 


They follow up on transactions that enter mediation by asking users for necessary information and verifying to complete, cancel or refund the funds in favor of the appropriate party by letting the parties know the final outcome. 

Account Management

They attend to requests related to user profiles - change of personal data, data in bank and electronic accounts, removal of 2FA due to loss of phone, problems with 2FA, change of main email, etc. 


They analyze the identification documents and selfies to confirm that each user is real and does not represent a risk for the platform. 

Security and Risk Prevention

They focus on making Airtm safer. This includes preventive account limitation, analysis of reported accounts, fund recovery, tracking of duplicate accounts, prohibited, and disposable emails, deposit/withdrawal patterns, referral abuse, external threats (fake pages and apps, videos and network postings, etc.), prevention of unauthorized access, etc. 

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  • Greetings, I am available and online more than 12 hours a day for 6 days a week. ready for work and highly knowledgeable about the market in AIRTM


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  • That's very ridiculous. I am not received any return of my money in a canceled process from 27 April. Airtm. Support works irresponsility, not good attention for user. Not reply tickets, they closed without any explication before. I need return my money. It’s a pandemic time and Bitcoin halving. I loose y time and miney with Airtm platform, I’m so ugly not recommended for anybody.

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