Why i didn't get MTCN from peer ???

Dear Airtm, I really don't know what can i do with your payment methods . I tried to Withdraw my money to my bank account for 5 times but all were canceled . Finally i tried by Western Union but now my money has gone but i didn't recieved any MTCN numbers from peer . And don't know how to contact them . I don't have experience of your website but i need an explain for that . I didn't received any information about my money !

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  • Good morning Thuy Nguyen must communicate directly with the AirTM technical support team, and explains his case in detail without omitting any details, - To access to create a ticket aimed at support, access your AirTM account from a desktop PC and down to On the right a blue button appears that says help, you click and proceed to fill in the information that corresponds to your case, in this way a support agent will contact you by mail in order to assist you in this operation. You can also access through the following official address: https://help.airtm.com/es/support/tickets/new Alli puts your mail from your AirTM account, in the subject place "Problems with the operation" and in "¿A What is related to what you want to report? " Choose a problem with the transaction. In the space that says "Additional information" you explain your problem in detail, without omitting any details, be quite explicit so that your case is better understood and they can give you an answer according to the events. You can also add screenshots and any other additional information in attaching files. Finally you send the ticket and you must be pending in your official email because an agent will contact you to manage your case ...

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